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I have been with Neil for more than a year now and he has provided nothing short of excellent service, lowest insurance rates and attentiveness to client needs. He always takes his time to understand and answer any questions I have. Moreover, he has a lot of knowledge of the insurance industry to be able to provide the lowest rate, which compared to any other broker, has always been the most competitive rate. I’m so happy to have contacted Neil. Always recommend him to family and friends

K. M. R.

I am a new import from the US and was having difficulty finding a “reliable and reputable” Insurance broker. Even being as nervous and skeptical as I was, Neil came through with flying colors and took care of my concerns. I am very relieved and highly recommend his services. You will be satisfied too.


Mr. Neil provided me competitive and appropriate coverage auto insurance policy. The fastest and accurate service I ever received in Canada! Lol. He is knowledgeable about insurance policies and work with great responsibility. I definitely recommend to knock the door for best deal.

Dhrumesh Patel

The best guy ever AAA+++ After searching for the right policy and working with a few brokers over several months, I eventually came across Neil Thakkar. He is great person to work with and clarified all my questions. He were very responsive and knowledgable the entire process was very smooth. 10/10 for Neil Thakkar. Keep it up !

Saurabh Udgirkar

Neil and his team helped me to get the car insurance with the much lower cost compare other Insurance brokers. Really appreciate his efforts. I will continue my Insurance with him. My best wishes for his business.

Dhruv Mahant

Great service. The insurance quote was reasonable and affordable with Nilay, Feril and Aviva. I had an accident last month. The claim process was smooth and without any trouble. Got satisfactory amount back for my car.

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Our services

Protect what’s valuable to you with affordable insurance coverage tailored to you.

Being the best insurance advisor in Ontario, Neil Thakkar is dedicated to offering customized insurance solutions that provide peace of mind for your Home, Car, Life, Health, Travel, and Business insurance needs.Our trusted network of partners allows us to tailor coverage to your unique requirements while keeping affordability at the forefront.

Home Insurance

Comprehensive and personalized home insurance service designed to safeguard your most significant investments. From fire damage to frozen pipes, you can personalize your protection plan that ensures proper compensation for any unexpected loss.

Car Insurance

Protect yourself and your vehicle with our top-quality car insurance that goes the extra mile. From accident benefits to uninsured driver protection, our range of coverage options ensures you drive confidently on every journey.

Life Insurance

Whether you’re leaving a legacy or simply providing for your family, our term or permanent insurance options secure your loved one’s financial future. With individualized premiums based on your unique profile, we help you ensure your family’s financial obligations are met in uncertain times.

Travel Insurance

Neil Thakkar provides best Travel Insurance solutions have you covered with tailored options for medical treatment, emergency transportation, trip cancellation, lost baggage, and more. We’ve got you covered for a worry-free vacation, don’t let unforeseeable circumstances turn it into a travel mishap.

Health Insurance

Don’t let unexpected medical bills derail your financial plans. Choose our health insurance plans that cover a range of expenses, including prescription drugs, physiotherapy, dental care, and much more. Whether you’re retired, self-employed, or a contract worker, protect your income and savings by focusing on your health and well-being.

Business Insurance

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to potential losses. Trust Neil Thakkar—your go-to source for reliable business insurance services to shield hard-won gains. Our wide range of insurance options ensures that you’re covered in all aspects of your business, including liability insurance, property insurance, partnership insurance, and more.


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About Neil Thakkar

Rise above the risks with protection that’s personalized just for you.

Get trusted guidance from the best insurance advisor in Ontario you can count on for safeguarding what matters the most to you. Indulge in a worry-free lifestyle with tailored insurance recommendations, carefully curated to align with your unique needs and financial plan, bolstered by Neil’s unparalleled insurance acumen and commitment to your well-being.

Our vision is to provide the support and guidance they need to navigate life’s uncertainties. We are committed to providing affordable, personalized insurance solutions that give our clients peace of mind and protect their most valuable assets.

We understand that your assets and insurance coverage should be unique. Our personalized approach to insurance ensures you can enjoy the ease of life knowing that we’re committed to securing the right coverage at the right price.


Few reasons why most of our clients think we're the best in town.

  • Insurance advice you can count on
  • Customized for your unique needs
  • Trusted network of partners
  • Unparalleled insurance acumen
  • A wide array of coverage options
  • Top-notch client service

We take pride in successfully assisting over 1500 individuals and businesses to protect their assets. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized by our clients, with over 100+ five-star ratings. It is a testament to our dedication to providing our clients with the best insurance advice. We will continue to strive for excellence and remain committed to helping our clients experience smooth sailing life.


Insurance-What you need to know?

Intact is widely recognized as the top home insurance provider in Ontario. However, several factors influence your choice of the proper coverage. The type of coverage you require depends on your home, its location, and the value of your belongings. The protection can be basic, broad, or comprehensive, with optional endorsements that add or waive certain coverage’s. It’s essential to assess your level of risk for different unexpected events and disasters that could affect your home. Our team will assist you in choosing the most appropriate and personalized insurance coverage to safeguard your valuable possessions and meet your specific needs by systematically evaluating factors that influence your home insurance choices.

The average monthly cost of home insurance in Ontario ranges from approximately $100 to $150. However, this cost can vary depending on various factors such as your claims history, credit score, deductible, the value of the building, proximity to fire hydrant and fire stations, whether you bundle home and auto policies, and the amount of coverage you purchase. Contact us to determine the specific cost of home insurance that fits your home’s needs and risk profile.

Aviva offers the most affordable options for car insurance and is a top choice for drivers who want quality coverage without overpaying. When purchasing a new car, you must obtain car insurance before you can legally drive the vehicle on Ontario roads. As a driver, it’s essential to understand the different types of car insurance available, including policies that cover collision damage, unexpected situations, and specific dangers. Your premium may vary depending on your car type, driving history, vehicle type, and where you live and work. You could save money by choosing a higher deductible, bundling your car and home insurance, or using winter tires.

Regarding home and auto insurance in Ontario, Aviva truly stands out in terms of overall value, coverage, and customer satisfaction. Not only does Aviva offer comprehensive coverage options for both your home and vehicle, but they also offer the added benefit of bundling your policies together. It means you can enjoy lower premiums and simplify your insurance management by consolidating your policies with one trusted provider. As a trusted partner of Aviva, we have access to their extensive range of insurance products and services, and we work closely with them to curate the best suitable insurance solutions for our clients.

Ontario’s best life insurance companies include iA, CPP, and Equitable Life of Canada, which are highly regarded for their quality services and competitive rates. It is a highly recommended whole life insurance company in Ontario, offering excellent coverage. It is generally recommended to have a range between $500,000 and $1 million, depending on your circumstances and financial goals. Three main types of life insurance are available: term insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance. If you’re looking for the lowest life insurance rates in Ontario, we, as the best insurance advisor in Ontario, can assist you in getting the best value for your money.

If you’re looking for economical options regarding travel insurance in Ontario, there are a few affordable travel insurance companies to consider, such as RIMI, Secure Travel, and Ingle International. However, if you want to go with the best company, Manulife is the way to go. As for pricing, the most expensive travel insurance can run you up to $200 per month but don’t worry. Just call us, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect travel insurance plan to protect your next adventure, fitting your budget and needs.

Manulife is considered the best health insurance provider in Ontario. Health insurance is necessary in Ontario, as the government health program only covers primary medical care and doesn’t fully cover costs beyond that. It is essential to ensure that you are protected against unexpected medical bills, such as emergency care, medication and treatments outside the scope of OHIP coverage. Not everyone can access group insurance through their employer, making private medical insurance necessary. Don’t leave your health to chance – reach out to the best insurance advisor in Ontario today to find a tailored plan for your needs, whether physiotherapy or ambulance services.

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